“I Feel like Elisha’s Servant”

I know life on earth is an illusion. It is never what it seems. The “facts” are often misinterpreted. But they are so REAL! How can I ignore them?

That must have been what the servant of Elisha felt that morning he woke up, went out to stretch and saw the Aramean army surrounding them on all sides. (2 Kings 6:15). His only response was, “Oh, my lord, what shall we do?” Elisha’s response is classic. “Don’t be afraid.” The servant must have been thinking, “You gotta be kidding! We are all about to die!”
But then Elisha taught him about REALITY. The REAL story is often hidden from our eyes and is only revealed through faith. The REAL story is, “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

Right now, I feel like we are “surrounded” by 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) Hindus. And I’m thinking, “Oh, my Lord, what shall we do?” I need the Lord to “open my eyes so that I may see.”

YES, I do know who is in charge here. But I also know that the Hindu government does NOT, nor do they care. Even though I cannot “see” what the Lord is going to do, I trust Him to do what is best for His glory. At least I’m trying to.
So, what am I talking about?

The Indian government is attempting to purge India of all non-Hindu influences. They once had a motto “Be Indian: Buy Indian” in an effort to bolster their economy. Their new motto seems to be “Be Indian: Be Hindu” to bolster their nationalism. They are attempting to purge India of all Christian organizations and influences (and Muslims as well).

Example: Compassion InternationalRead the full story

Early last week I received an email from one of our new Indian friends who, with her husband, attended the IDN Dinner on February 24, 2017. She was not sending me a message of congratulations or thanks, but to request our prayers. The non-profit organization she and her family founded and operate in Chennai, has received notice that they must cease operations by March 13, 2017. Fifteen other Christian non-profit organizations in the same area received the same notice.

Their Children’s Home cares for some of the victims of the tsunami who were rescued from the horrors of the streets. She said, “This is not just an organization, this is real life, future and hope for over 100 children and young women at the Children home. We need divine intervention, favor, protection and we need to win this battle. With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

Click here to see their website

This ministry and thousands of others doing similar work, are expected to be shut down. The IDN Ministries are sort of “under the radar” at least for now. This brings us to the urgency of helping the Indian Christians prepare to continue to spread the Word and care for the helpless even if they cannot receive help from us.

Notice that this is not an effort to end foreign influence in India. It is targeted toward Christians, foreign or Indian. Stopping the flow of foreign support is just one tool the government is using to purge Christianity from the Hindu culture.

Demanding government approval documents, heretofore not required, is another. Officials who are in charge of issuing those documents are told by the Central Government to NOT issue them under any circumstances. Without those required documents the organization is not legal and must be shut down. Many local officials, who are sympathetic to Christian efforts, are saying, “My hands are tied. I cannot do anything.”

“So, why are they doing this?”

Don’t ask. The western mind cannot comprehend the eastern way of thinking. They are influenced by a culture thousands of years old. It is unthinkable to us that a child is killed at birth, or soon after, SIMPLY BECAUSE IT IS A GIRL. And at the rate of 2,000 per day, according to a recent government report. The government does not necessarily condone this practice, but the culture allows it. The caste system is another part of that heritage not understandable to the western mind.

But it is not an eastern thing or a western thing. It is a SIN thing. And Satan is rejoicing.

I am praying, not that God will let me understand all this, but that He will just intervene and fix it. Of course, He did that over 2,000 years ago, on a cross….in the middle East!

Our task is to continue to fearlessly proclaim that story to all the world as He commands us to do. (Matt. 28:18-20.)

My son, Mark, made the following comment; “Maybe God is allowing this Hindu government to do something we Christians would not/could not do. Like ISIS. As terrible as what ISIS is doing, it is causing thousands of Muslims to turn to Jesus. Thousands. Maybe….just maybe…God is allowing this in India so that we (and they) see His power and many will turn to Him, out of desperation or the crisis of the inhumane deeds of the government/culture. Not the way I would have planned it, but effective nonetheless.”

Please join me in praying for all those who are persecuted for His sake and for all the innocent children who are suffering at the hands of evil in our world. IDN will continue to provide encouragement and support to our brothers and sisters in India, with or without government approval. No one can stop prayer. Please join us.

Ray Hooper, President
India Discipleship Network

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