About TPG Christian School

Upon receiving an inheritance from his father, Jacob Chukka purchased a defunct private school property in his hometown of Tadepalligudem (TPG). The school started in 1990 with 30 students and two teachers charging no tuition or fees. Prior to 2009, “public schools” in India charged tuition and fees. A Constitutional amendment now requires free and mandatory primary education. However, policies and procedures to carry out this mandate vary greatly in different states. Click HERE for a detailed description of the Educational System in India.

Jacob wanted poor children to have the opportunity for a Christian education. The school has since grown to over 500 students from kindergarten through the tenth grade with 22 teachers and support staff. The students take the standardized state tests and always perform well above average. Bible classes are taught daily at each grade level. The school is accredited by the Andhra Pradesh state Board of Education.

In 2009 the facility was totally renovated adding a new two-story primary building. Since then a science lab, library and computer lab were added. A recent re-accreditation process was completed by the State, resulting in the recommendation to add a PE teacher and expand the computer lab. Both of those recommendations (along with other improvements) were completed with a special gift from a current monthly donor and long-time supporter of the TPG Christian School.

TPG Christian School provides quality Christian education for about 500 children from poor families free of charge. These children study the Bible daily under the guidance of faithful Christians who model the Christian life before them. We are helping to prepare the next generation of disciples in India.


Please partner with us as we share the Gospel of Christ with loving people who desire to share the Good News with the lost.


TPG Christian School

Plans for the future

Future plans include adding two additional years of Senior Secondary Education or also known as pre-university training, i.e., grades 11 and 12 to the current curriculum. This system is known as the 10+2 system. It will require adding a third floor to the new Primary building and hiring additional teachers. Two additional years of study will allow the opportunity to continue Bible study and provide Christian influence during these formative years. The TPG School Board of Directors is currently developing the plans for that expansion and the application to get accreditation from the State Board of Education. Current plans also include charging tuition, which is standard procedure, for the advanced grades. The tuition and fees will support the new teachers.

How you can help

Monthly financial support is needed to sustain the school and pay the dedicated teachers and staff adequately. TPG Christian School teachers are currently receiving about half the amount the government pays “public school” teachers. Your monthly gift will help us increase the salaries of our teachers to more appropriate levels.

One-time or monthly gifts are also needed to include the 11th and 12th grades in the curriculum. A capital improvement fund is established to add the third floor to the Primary building for this purpose. Your gift of any size will help to realize this goal.

TPG School