About Water Wells

Clean and safe drinking water is a great need in India. Many communities (especially rural villages) do not have a source for clean water. They often have no choice but to use river, canal or pond water for all their water needs. Providing clean water from deep borewells gives local Christians an opportunity to share that water with the community while demonstrating the love of God for all people.

India Quick Facts“India’s huge and growing population (now over one billion people) is putting a severe strain on all of the country’s natural resources. Many water sources are contaminated by sewage and agricultural runoff. India has made progress in supplying safe water to its people, but many rural areas across the country still do not have safe and clean drinking water. Even so, the World Bank estimates that 21% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe water.” (Adapted from a report by “Water.org”.)

Drilling deep borewells on local church property provides local church members access to clean water. They also have the opportunity to build a baptistry within the compound, reducing the chances of opposition from the local Hindu population when someone from the community is baptized. Access to water also allows the construction of toilet facilities on site and sets a good example for the community to practice good hygiene and sanitation. But the greatest value of all is the opportunity to share the gospel (along with safe water) with the community.


Please partner with us as we share the Gospel of Christ with loving people who desire to share the Good News with the lost.


Water Wells

Plan for the future

Continue drilling as funding is available. Several churches have already applied for a borewell. The applications are now under review to determine the greatest need. Jacob and his team will investigate each request to determine the greatest need and the most impact for the Kingdom.

How you can help

The cost to drill and outfit a borewell is about $3,000 (US Dollars). That includes the drilling, pipe, submersible pump, storage tank and all necessary fittings. Receiving the gift of safe drinking water is a life-changing event for the church and the community. It also provides the opportunity to explain the biblical concept of “Living Water” which is even more important. If you would like to participate in providing safe drinking water for a church and a community, please click the DONATE button for complete information.

TPG Christian School

Jacob Chukka

"They are calling the water JESUS WATER."

We are happy and excited that the bore well drilled at BAYYANA GUDEM got very good water. The baptistery, latrines and overhead water storage tank are finished. All electrical wiring and distribution pipes are now in use. The church and the community are rejoicing. We are very much thankful to the family who donated the funds for this well. Please convey our heartfelt greetings to them. The local church is very happy using the water, and also providing water to the community. They are calling the water JESUS WATER.